I had the wonderful pleasure of introducing my son to Kerry when he was just 8 months old.  My pediatrician was not concerned at all that my son was not yet crawling even though I persisted with the doctor that he was clearly frustrated and wanted to move.  It seemed like he couldn’t crawl, instead of that he was just not ready.  Kerry was a blessing as she clearly saw why he was not crawling and identified an underlying low tone issue.  Over the next 5 months she used her knowledge and clear love of children to teach my son to crawl and then to walk.  She confidently led us down the path of recovery.

So a year later when my 4 year old daughter was in need of Occupational Therapy to strengthen a weakness in her eye I knew exactly where to turn to.  Jaime was as confident as Kerry and very knowledgeable regarding visual training strategies.  She was very clear and concise in explaining her findings and what the treatment plan would entail.  My daughter loved her immediately.

I would highly recommend Capable Kids to anyone in need of pediatric Physical therapy or Occupational therapy.  They are the best around.




15 School Road East, Suite 3
Marlboro, NJ 07746
Phone: 732-308-9900
Fax: 732-308-9902
email: kwalsh@capablekidsnj.com

Capable Kids is located at 15 School Road East, Suite 3 in Marlboro, NJ. 
The center is conveniently located one block east from the intersection
of Route 18 and Route 79, and approximately one mile south of Route 520.

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