About Us



About Us

At Capable Kids Pediatric Therapy Center, our mission is to  provide comprehensive and compassionate pediatric therapy services to  improve the lives of children with special needs. 

Our philosophy centers on empowering our children to gain  independence while putting the “fun” in function.  We utilize  traditional manual therapy techniques in conjunction with complimentary  alternative treatments to provide our clients with exceptional care.  We  strive to provide parents and caregivers with the most current  resources and research information thus building up the foundation for  their child’s success.  We believe that in treating the child as a  whole, we insure the greatest gains.  

At Capable Kids, every child has the power to soar!       

If your child needs speech therapy, please visit our partner site Lynnsspeechtherapycenterinc.com

If your child needs occupational therapy, please visit our partner site rightstartsot.com .





Kerry L. Walsh, PT, MS


Kerry L. Walsh, PT MS

Director/Physical Therapist

Email: kwalsh@capablekidsnj.com

Kerry is the owner and director of Capable Kids Pediatric Therapy  Center.  She received her master’s degree in Physical Therapy from  Springfield College in Springfield, MA in 1995. She has over 25 years of  pediatric experience with a concentration in the 0-3 population.   Before opening Capable Kids, Kerry practiced in a wide variety of  pediatric settings including NICU, acute care, home based Early  Intervention, outpatient, and long term care rehabilitation.  She served  as the outpatient physical therapy supervisor at a level 2 trauma  center where she was formally acknowledged by the head of the trauma  team for her excellence and expedience in affecting the outcomes of  trauma patients.  Kerry  was also an integral member of the Infant  Toddler Assessment Program for high risk infant follow up.   In addition  she has worked at Children’s Specialized Hospital in Toms River, NJ and  was a co-facilitator of their Autism Support Group.

Kerry specializes in treating children with a variety of  diagnoses including Torticollis, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral  Palsy, Sensory Integration Disorders, developmental delay, and various  other neurological and orthopedic conditions.  She utilizes both  clinical expertise and extensive course work in NDT,MFR,  Craniosacral  Therapy and Sensory Integration to provide her patients with  comprehensive manual care.  Kerry has been the guest speaker at several  conferences for early childhood educators and serves as a co-presenter for “Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment of the Child with Autism” at  continuing education conferences.  Kerry is the co- author “Stars –  Social Skills Training and Readiness Skills” which is a FUNctional  Multi-sensory Group Approach to Enhancing the Social Skills of Children  with Autism and Other Special Needs. 

She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association  (APTA), the Pediatrics Section of the APTA, as well as the New Jersey  Physical Therapy Association.  Kerry is active in her community  served as the assistant director of Maternal Wings Charity for Expectant  Mothers.   She volunteers as an assistant coach for the Brick Stars Challenger Hockey Team.  In addition she utilizes her  experience as the parent of a child with Autism to assist other parents  embarking on the journey.   She provides resource information regarding  various educational and recreational opportunities for children with  special needs.  Kerry is dedicated to helping each child achieve his or  her goals regardless of the obstacles they may face, and believes that  every child has the power to soar. 

Our Services



Services and Rates

Evaluations: All evaluations are scheduled within  7-10 days from initial phone call. We work to the best of our ability to  accommodate your schedule.

Treatment sessions: There is no wait list at our facility. We believe in prompt initiation of recommended services.

Services: In addition to our traditional physical therapy services, we implement a variety of alternative  treatment techniques or programs to facilitate each child’s success. 

Our areas of specialty include:

 Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT)     

Sensory Integration   

 Myofascial Release 

Craniosacral Therapy 

Infant Massage   

Vestibular Rehabilitation

The Listening Program 

Anat Baniel Method for Children 


    $300 – Evaluation
    $115 – One hour session
    $100 -- 45 minute session
    $80 – Half hour session     


Independent Educational Evaluations

Capable Kids Pediatric Therapy Center offers independent  evaluations for mediation and adjudication cases.  Our rates are  competitive with industry standard, and our turnaround time for reports  is 48 hours.  We work in conjunction with Lynn’s Speech Therapy Center and Right Starts Occupational Therapy to offer a reduced rate when evaluation by two or more disciplines is  required for one client.  With our combined 40 years of experience, we  strongly believe that we can offer your clients the most comprehensive  evaluations in the least amount of time.  We would welcome the  opportunity to discuss the above listed services, please feel free to  contact us at the numbers listed below.

Fee Schedule

 Single Discipline Evaluation:                             $800
      Two or more Disciplines                                   $600 per discipline

Call today to schedule your evaluation:

Capable Kids Pediatric Therapy Center                      732-761-48400

 Lynn’s Speech Therapy Center                                     732-761-8400

                  Right Starts Occupational Therapy                              732-701-7768                     

Multidisciplinary Approach


Two Great Therapies Under One Roof


Having Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy available under the same roof gives us the ability to schedule co-treatments or back-to-back appointments for your convenience. We are  privileged to work with incredibly talented, skilled therapists at  Lynn's Speech Therapy Center.  If your child needs speech therapy, follow the link below and schedule an appointment today! 


We have also been blessed to work with the phenomenal occupational therapists at Right Starts.  They are conveniently located in Toms River.  For more information, visit   https://www.rightstartsot.com/ 

Frequently Asked Questions


 What is Torticollis?  

Congenital muscular torticollis or “wry neck” is a condition in  which the sternocleidomastoid muscle  (SCM) is shortened on one side of a  baby’s neck.  It is most often caused by the baby’s position in the  womb.  Due to the action of the SCM,  the baby usually presents with the  head tilting towards one side and turning towards the opposite side, as  if they are gazing up at the sky.   Torticollis is often times  accompanied by some flattening of the head, or plagiocephaly.   Physical  therapy treatment of torticollis is critically important for the  child’s development…and the earlier that treatment is initiated, the  better.  If torticollis is left untreated, it can affect a child’s motor  development, visual skills, oral motor and feeding skills and facial  symmetry.  In severe cases, a child may require the use of devices such  as a TOT collar or a cranial orthosis (helmet).  Very rarely surgical  intervention is required, however most children respond very well with  physical therapy intervention.

How long will my baby need treatment? That depends on the severity of the torticollis as well as how  soon the child was referred.  Most children with torticollis are seen  once or twice a week until they can sit and crawl independently.  At  this point the frequency is often reduced to every other week or monthly  until the child is walking.  We utilize a variety of manual treatment  techniques, positioning and strengthening activities to maximize your  child’s progress.  In addition, we work with you to provide a  comprehensive home program for carryover so as to further reduce the  time it takes to resolve your child’s torticollis.   


 What is "Sensory Processing Disorder"?  

 Sensory processing occurs when the nervous system  adequately takes in and organizes messages from the senses and turns  them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses. Every activity  that we participate in each day requires adequate sensory  processing in  order to be successfully completed. Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)  is a condition that exists when sensory signals don't get organized into  appropriate responses and it becomes difficult to process information  received through the senses, creating challenges in performing daily  tasks. A child with Sensory Processing Disorder may find it difficult to: 

  • Sit still during circle time at school, dinner with the family or participate in table top activities such as coloring 
  • Tolerate their hands being messy (glue, paints, sand, etc) 
  • Walk bare foot in grass or sand
  • Tolerate certain types of clothing 
  • Tolerate loud, unexpected noises 

They may also be:  

  • Fearful of heights or movement and avoid climbing, sliding and swinging activities 
  • Low energy, lethargic, preferring sedentary activities such as computer and video games 
  • Clumsy    

How is SPD treated? 

Physical and Occupational therapies  for children with sensory processing disorder  is all about FUN! Our sessions take place in a sensory rich environment,  utilizing a variety of equipment and activities to provide the "just  right" intensity of input to meet your child's individual sensory needs.  Your child will swing, climb, explore and play their way to improved  sensory processing!   



Hear what our patients have to say

      The experience we've had with Kerry is unlike any other. The only  thing more impressive than her exceptional expertise in pediatric  therapy, myofasical release and craniosacral therapy, is her beautiful  way with children. She has a gift that is difficult to describe in  words, but that is so evident when she is interacting with her patients.  She genuinely enjoys what she does, and is acutely aware of the well  being of our son at every single visit. As a parent, there is nothing  more reassuring than to have him in her care. She continually goes  beyond what is expected and conducts her therapy sessions with  compassion and commitment.

      Our son is being treated for torticollis. Throughout his  treatment, Kerry has provided us positive guidance and invaluable  education. She provides a safe, fun environment for my son to challenge  his abilities and improve his limitations. Kerry is a true expert in her  field. We are incredibly grateful for the care she has given to him,  and for the support and guidance she has given to us.

Kelly and Chris 


      I had the wonderful pleasure of introducing my son to Kerry when  he was just 8 months old.  My pediatrician was not concerned at all that  my son was not yet crawling even though I persisted with the doctor  that he was clearly frustrated and wanted to move.  It seemed like he  couldn’t crawl, instead of that he was just not ready.  Kerry was a  blessing as she clearly saw why he was not crawling and identified an  underlying low tone issue.  Over the next 5 months she used her  knowledge and clear love of children to teach my son to crawl and then  to walk.  She confidently led us down the path of recovery.
I would highly recommend Capable Kids to anyone in need of  pediatric Physical therapy .  They are the best  around.



    My son Joshua was born prematurely at 26 ½ weeks and underwent  extensive treatment which lead him to remain in the hospital for 95  days.  He was diagnosed with spastic Cerebral Palsy and global  developmental delay, which affected his fine/gross motor, speech,  balance and cognitive skills.

From birth to age three, he received early intervention  services which helped him significantly.  After he aged out of these  services and became a full-time student in a special needs school  setting, but was not walking independently, had limited verbal skills  and poor body awareness, balance, and coordination for his age. He was  enrolled in private programs for Physical & Speech services.

I found one of the best PTs--(Kerry Walsh) that one could  ever ask for.  Kerry worked with Joshua for only 3 months and he became  an independent walker!  With all of her expertise, knowledge, and "out  of the box thinking" she applied her unique skills to her sessions with  my son and he became confident. He let go of objects he held on to for  stability and began to walk independently.  I am ever so grateful for  the support and reinforced home skills that Kerry has introduced me to.   

I am very blessed and proud to say… Joshua is now 7 years  old, walking independently with less balance issues, able to verbally  speak a few words, use basic sign language and follow simple  commands…all due to the therapy services rendered.  Although it’s been  an emotional experience during these sessions, the end results are  rewarding, a great & wonderful blessing—we could not have progressed  without these special services.


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